The Donkeys

Offer Price
First donkey 25 € per hour
Second donkey 20 € per hour
Third donkey 15 € per hour
Fourth donkey 15 € per hour

Hen Parties

Offer Price
2 donkeys, 2 hours, plus welcome drinks 120 € base costs
Optional Picnic Aphrodite 7 € per person
Optional Picnic Hymenaios 12 € per person
Optional Greek Sweets 3 € per person

General Specials

Offer Price
Greek Picnic 6 € per person

Costs Examples

Together with two children you want to book the trial lesson (1 hour) and you want to use two donkeys, then this will cost € 45.

You are a group of six person and want to take the short ruin village tour (2 hours) together with four donkeys. This would cost a total of € 150. Would you like to add the Greek picnic for all persons, this would add another € 36.