Donkey Trekking

Before every Donkey Trek starts you have the opportunity to clean and brush your donkey. Together we will saddle the donkeys and store the supplies in the saddlebags. You will get an introduction how to interact with the donkey — dos and don’ts. Information on the costs can be found here.

Trial lesson
Overall experience time: 2 hours, Walking time: 1 hour

One hour hike which will guide us through the natural environment and along a riverbed. Take the chance to enjoy this lovely and friendly animals on a short tour everybody can walk. Perfect for families with kids.

Stonebridge tour
Overall experience time: 3 hours, Walking time: 2 hours

Discover a part of the old mill trail and enjoy the beauty of the evergreen valley. Highlight is a stop at one of the ruins of an old mill which is located next to a restored stone bridge. Very nice two-hour route for young and old.

Ruin village tour
Short: Overall experience time: 3.5 hours, Walking time: 2.5 hours
Long: Overall experience time: 4.5 hours, Walking time: 3.5 hours

Grisella and Wiolätta will guide you to the ruin village of old Katapodata. This in 1953 fully destroyed village offers you a spectacular view over the bay of Sami and delivers an impressive insight into the Life of the island 60 years ago.

Drogarati cave tour
Overall experience time: 3.5 hours, Walking time: 2.5 hours

(inclusive time to visit the cave, exclusive entrance fee)
Visit one of Kefalonias main attractions: Drogarati cave. Together we’ll hike to the stalactite cave. Take your time to discover the place, have an ice cream and shop for souvenirs. On the way back we’ll walk along a riverbed on the old mill trail.

Day trip to Mellisani and Drogarati cave
Overall experience time: 5 hours, Walking time: 4 hours

The donkey Ladies will take you to the two landmarks of the region. Mellisani and Drogarati Cave. This tour passes by olive groves and follows the road through small zypress forests, always with a stunning view on the bay of Sami. Along the beach you’ll hike to Mellisani Cave. After visting the Cave you have the opportunity to rest a bit on the beach — eat something and go for a swim before we set off to Drogarati Cave. Enjoy the chill of Drogarati and take your time to stroll around the shops. The walk back to the stable leads you along a riverbed through the hinterland of the island.

Day trip to ancient Sami
Overall experience time: 5 hours, Walking time: 4 hours

We are taking a route along the westside of mountain Avgos, east of Sami, until we reach the ancient sights around Agios Fernendes. On old donkey trails we’ll pass by olive and pine tree groves and immerse ourselves into the antic history of Kefalonia. On the way back we pass by Sami and stay there for a longer break. Choose spontaneously if you want to go to a restaurant, enjoy ice cream or relax at the beach for a while. We are taking the route through the valley back to the stable, passing by Greek farms and olive groves.

Individual tours can be planed together. Don’t be shy — just ask! And also have a look on our specials.